The Stats:

  • 115 miles of main ranging in size from 2" to 20"
  • 6428 total service connections, 6058 are active
  • Population: 11,500 winter  / 35,000+ summer
  • 490,000,000 gallons pumped per year
  • 58,000 pounds (29 tons) lime per year
  • 7 pumping stations - combined capacity of 4950 GPM
  • 2 transfer stations - combined delivery of 2550 GPM
  • 8 lime treatment stations treating 7150 GPM
  • 4 water storage tanks reserving 4,400,000 gallons

About Bourne Water District

The Bourne Water District, established in 1939 through an act of the legislature, is the largest of the three water districts within the boundaries of the Town of Bourne, covering an area from the Sandwich town line to the Falmouth town line on the Cape side of the Canal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clean safe water for the populace of the District from wells, facilities, and distribution system maintained to the highest standards.

Board of Water Commissioners

Bourne Water District (BWD) is an entity existing within the confines of the Town of Bourne with its own Board of Water Commissioners (BofWC) elected by popular vote by the registered voters of the District.

Bourne Water District's Board of Water Commissioners are unpaid, and they include:

  • Brian S. Handy, Chairman, serving since 1993
  • Michael R. Lyons, serving since 1998
  • Peter R. Way, serving since 2005

The monthly Board of Water Commissioners meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 8:30am and are open to the public. The annual District meeting is held the 4th Monday in April and the election, by ballot, of a Commissioner is held before the annual meeting.

Our Staff

The staff consists of a Superintendent, Treasure/Office Manager, 2 Clerks, Foreman, Station Operator, and 5 Crew members.


  • 7 pumping stations - (1) centrifugal pump, (5) vertical lift turbine pumps, and (1) submersible pump with a combine pumping capacity of 4950 GPM
  • 2 transfer stations - COOP system and South Sagamore station with a combined delivery into the system of 2550 GPM
  • 8 lime treatment stations - with the ability to treat a flow of 7150 GPM with a 3% lime slurry mix
  • 4 water storage tanks - with a ability to hold 4,400,000 gallons in reserve


  • There are 115 miles of main ranging in size from 2" to 20" from the Sandwich town line to the Falmouth town line.
  • There are a total of 6428 service connections of which 6058 are active.
  • BWD services a population of 11,500 in the winter and 35,000+ in the summer.
  • BWD's average pumped production per year is 490,000,000 gallons, and the average amount of lime used, for corrosion control, is 58,000 pounds or 29 tons per year.
  • BWD's unaccounted for water in 2011 was 8.9% and in 2012 was 7.3%


Bourne Water District Sign


Bourne Water District Work Crew


Bourne Water District Office